Mas Transformation Secretariat

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  • Regional Carnival Strategic Plan +

    To develop strategic plans for Tobago, East and South/Central as part of the comprehensive Strategic Plan for Regional Carnivals.

  • NCDF and Mas Transformation Secretariat Web Sites Development +

    To develop websites for NCDF and Mas Transformation Secretariat.

  • Band Management Workshop +

    The National Carnival Development Foundation (NCDF) recently hosted a management workshop at the Mas Transformation Secretariat training room in St. Augustine where mas practitioners received tailor-made training to conceptualise and operate mas bands as successful businesses.

    This workshop was conducted using various teaching techniques to ensure that bandleaders of all work and academic backgrounds would progress in unity. It was hands-on, interactive, attentative, technology driven and full of international case scenarios with lessons learnt.

    Bandleaders can now proactively plan, organize, control, document and close out projects with the use of the latest tools and techniques in project management. The aftermath of the workshop has resulted in band leaders reporting fewer expenses, quicker turnovers and an increase in positive feedback.

    This workshop was oversubscribed.

  • Innovation in Mas +

    The Mas Transformation Secretariat through Alias Entertainment Expo secured the services of International Demonstrator Eve Beauregard Australian Cosplay Model, Actor and Blogger. Ms. Beauregard demonstrated an Eco-Friendly alternative material named "Worbla Finest Art" or "Worbla" as it is more commonly known. This wonder material that has the ability to be cut, shaped, moulded, sanded, engraved, painted and most interestingly reused. This workshop was oversubscribed.

  • Carnival 2013 Consultation +

    To provide a forum for dealing with the issues that have been plaguing the Parade of Bands on Carnival Monday & Tuesday.

  • Refurbishment of Secretariat +

    To establish a machinery to implement all projects / recommendations emanating from the NCDF Strategic Transformation Plan.

  • Development of Regional Carnival +

    To transform Regional Carnivals into sustainable zonal hubs.

  • Recruitment of Secretariat’s Staff +

    To ensure an effective Secretariat machinery.

  • Launch of Secretariat +

    To inform the national population of the existence of an effective machinery to transform Mas into a sustainable industry.

  • Mas Trade Mission to Europe +

    *To provide an opportunity to market Trinidad and Tobago Mas products and services and to test the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between the CARIFORUM and the European Union (EU) through a Mas Trade Mission to Rotterdam and Paris.

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    “Partial funding provided by the 10th EDF Regional Private Sector Development Programme Direct Assistance Grant Scheme. The views expressed in this projects are those of the author(s) and do not reflect those of the Direct Assistance Grant Scheme.”

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