Mas Transformation Secretariat

PMI Signing


The Mas Transformation Secretariat formally wishes to announce its Partnership with the Project Management Institute (PMI) SCC to the benefit of National Carnival Development Foundation (NCDF) members.

In keeping with the consensus of the December 2013 PMI SCC General Meeting it is acknowledged that there is a pressing need for Project Managers to work closely with and in the Mas Industry. It is evident that local Mas Practitioners require project management assistance in order to enhance their prospects for success, while PMI SCC members are mandated to perform a stipulated amount of PDU hours annually. To this end, a mutually beneficial partnership arrangement has been forged to help the NCDF and PMI SCC achieve their mandates through development opportunities for their members.

Partnership Goals:

The partnership is envisaged to:

  1. Address project management shortcomings in Trinidad & Tobago’s Masquerade Industry.
  2. Teach tried and tested Project Management Principles to local Mas Practitioners.
  3. Help local Mas Practitioners utilize project management principles as a strategy to enhance their chances of business success.
  4. Redefine the perception that Mas is social / cultural activity by highlighting it as a business that can generate sustainable livelihoods.

Background Information on Partners:

Mas Transformation Secretariat is a Non-Governmental / Non-Profit Organization incorporated under the Companies Act, 1995 of Trinidad and Tobago on 6th September, 2011. Mas Trans, was formed to implement the projects emanating from the National Carnival Development Foundation's (NCDF) Strategic Transformation Plan. Simply put, its mandate is to transform the Masquerade (Mas) component of Trinidad & Tobago's Carnival (worth US $200 million in 2011) from being viewed as just a cultural activity in a year round Sustainable Industry.

The PMI SCC VISION is to be “a high profile, well respected, professional and sought after institution in the region for project managers and the practice of project management.” The PMI SCC MISSION is to “operate as the authoritative body for Project Management professionals that fully cater to the needs of its members as they actively promote and practice the discipline of project management.”