Mas Transformation Secretariat

  • Development of Standards and Quality Criteria for Mas +

    To develop a mechanism to certify Mas Practitioners in order to fulfill export requirements. To develop National Standards for Mas Products and Services.

  • Development of National Vocational Qualification (NVQ) for Mas +

    To develop a training curriculum for the Mas sector resulting in the TTNVQ and CVQ qualifications for levels 2 & 3 and the BSc. degree in Carnival Studies.

  • Centre for Mas Development +

    To set up Training Centre for Mas and Carnival Studies Development.

  • Mas Gone Green +

    To transform Trinidad & Tobago’s Mas Costumes 100% Green and Environmentally Friendly products within 3-5 years, thus making Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival the leader in Green Carnivals/Festivals worldwide.

  • Production of Video Documentary (commercial and technical side to Mas) +

    To develop a mechanism to promote the technical and commercial aspects of Mas products and services worldwide in order to meet global standards and in line with the requirements of Trade Agreements.

  • Legislative and Administrative Reform for the Mas Industry +

    To provide a mechanism for Legislative and Administrative Reform for the Mas Industry.

  • Intellectual Property & Copyright (Works of Mas) +

    The simplification and collation of Intellectual Property Legislation to ensure that Mas Practitioners and the general public understand their rights and responsibilities when interacting with Works of Mas.

    1. To ensure Works of Mas is included in World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Convention and Treaty;
    2. To provide an administrative mechanism for the collection of Copyright/Royalties for Works of Mas;
    3. To recover outstanding Royalties on Works of Mas for its members for the period 2007-2014.
  • Development of Financing Mechanism for Mas Practitioners +

    To develop a Financing Mechanism for Mas Practitioners.

  • Carnival Entertainment Complex +

    To provide a high income-generating Carnival Entertainment Complex at a central location with innovative and high technology Carnival/Mas facilities and services including the promotion of T & T Mas through 363 days of carnival parades.

  • Costume Making Factory +

    To provide for the mass production of Mas Costumes and other costuming for the local and foreign markets through mechanization.

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