Mas Transformation Secretariat

The Mas Transformation Secretariat was incorporated under the Companies Act, 1995 of Trinidad and Tobago on 6th September, 2011. The Secretariat, was formed to implement the projects emanating from the National Carnival Development Foundation's (NCDF) Strategic Transformation Plan to transform Trinidad & Tobago’s Mas/Carnival from being viewed as just a cultural activity and into a sustainable Industry.

The projects of the Mas Transformation Secretariat will directly support Trinidad and Tobago's national objectives of improving the services sector's (including Mas) competitiveness by expanding its access to export markets. The Secretariats projects are also linked with the priorities of the Tourism Development Company (TDC).

The Secretariat will increase the level of services exported by Mas Bands, Designers/Costume makers and carnival service providers and provide continued economic benefits. The intervention is timely and will also provide a tool for the dissemination of information that facilitates exporting our Mas. Our Mas entrepreneurs are taking our festival to the next level as they are the managers of viable businesses that contribute to national prosperity.

The Mas Transformation Secretariat is reshaping Mas to have a sustainable global impact. Our Mas needs to be revamped and restructured to cater for its sustainable transformation. This is where the work of the Mas Transformation Secretariat is of paramount importance. Mas is a means of diversifying the Trinidad and Tobago economy, thereby reducing the stresses placed on the Oil and Gas sector.

The Secretariat contributes to the transformation of the Masquerade Industry through the advancement of the national, regional and international community by providing the opportunity to develop the leadership skills, social and cultural responsibility and fellowship necessary to create positive change through Mas and Carnival.

The Secretariat was officially opened by the Honourable Dr. Bhoendradatt Tewarie (Minister of Planning and the Economy) and its logo revealed at its Launch on April 21st, 2012.